Talking about Cancer

Talk about cancer treatments, the struggles and how to open doors.

Do you have a story, information worthy of another knowing? Please comment here and share your story, your information. Each addition will bring another closer to discovering what they need to know.

We believe all treatment decisions should be based on having a wide view of things available, we call that the open door view of treatments.  Help open doors so others will have available to them all things possible for treatment.

Remember what one may view as a good treatment, another may not, with cancer there is no right or wrong; cancer is our enemy and what weapons we choose is our decision, it is our war, and each attempt at killing it, sending it into remission, is a battle, win each battle and win the war.

Our mission of our open door policy is remission.


6 thoughts on “Talking about Cancer

  1. When your mother told you to eat your broccoli, she must have known there was something important for you in those flowery green heads. While most kids do not like broccoli and this vegetable has seen its fair share of nasty remarks regarding its taste, or how it smells; we need to think long and hard before we decide to skip this vegetable.
    There is a good reason we should eat plenty of broccoli and more so if we are facing cancer. Eating your greens means more now than ever. Even without this study, eating broccoli is superior to your health all around; the antioxidants; but there is more to why broccoli fights cancer.

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  2. What happens when the body is alkaline and is full of oxygen? Cancer dies, it stops. Sounds so simple, why not just do this, get rid of all the cancer centers, cure in minutes, days or weeks; not so simple.
    The theory is simple, and the idea is simple; actually, in reality the truth is when the body is completely alkaline and there is a huge presence of oxygen, cancer does die. The point need be made is the body must be completely alkaline; where the cancer is growing needs be alkaline, and there needs be oxygen in all the cells.
    When the body is so ravaged with cancer, the cancer itself has made itself at home, making itself comfortable, meaning it has adjusted the body to an acidic environment, and unhealthy cells require little oxygen so it does not have the body demand it, In order to kill the cancer cells we must completely change the whole environment of the body, many changes need take place, what we eat, drink, how we live, all depend on if our bodies become and maintain alkalinity. We can introduce oxygenating agents to encourage rich oxygenated cells, this will begin to weaken the cancer cells. As they weaken they die, if the environment is not conducive to good reproduction of cancer cells, the growth slows and eventually, if all things are maintained, the cancer will die. A state of alkalinity needs be maintained for remission to occur and remain in place.
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  3. Aspirin to slow down the growth or spread of cancer; a most compelling simple tactic to attack the cancer. What we need understand is why something so simple can help so much. While many may say, aspirin is used often with cancer patients and many take aspirin daily for blood flow and heart health; then why does cancer still spread in these cases. It seems likely the amount of aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs used determines the likelihood the cancer will slow; also the type of cancer is an important factor. It is clearly seen when anti- inflammatory are used the cancer, being an inflammatory process in itself; the cancer is slowed by sheer immobilization of the reproductive cycling of the cells. If you take the inflammatory properties away, the cells naturally being inflammatory find it difficult to reproduce at the speeds they are accustom to.
    This study is worthy of considering and certainly the process of using this tactic does not seem to pose any life threatening risks. I would discuss this with any caregiver open to what we call ‘open door’ treatment ideas at Jesicha’s Hope; if your caregiver is willing to use your choice in open door treatments, this may be something to explore.

  4. Does fasting slow cancer growth? This is the subject of a new study. My thought on this subject gives me cause to wonder if it works, then why and why now to study it. This process has been discussed in detail before but with lack of fully understanding it or perhaps many did not fully ‘think’ it through, starving themselves thinking that would really do it. This starving approach is not exactly what I see working here. The cancer cells love to eat, and they eat just about anything when they need to; sugar is their favorite and for good reason you need stay away from sugars; if we are trying to kill cancer cells we do not want to feed them, give them treats. When they are lacking food sources they weaken or they try to mutate so they can live on, produce more cells, while in the mode of mutating for survival, this is when you hit them with whatever weapon of your choosing is. The understanding of fasting here is weaken the cancer cells without weakening yourself; that is, only fast for short periods, a couple of days, the cancer is hungry 24/7, they are fast reproducing cells; our bodies are designed by nature to withstand a couple of days without harm; cancer cells weaken and you hit them while they are in the middle of figuring what to do for food. A most logical study and certainly room for not only discussion but controlled use.

  5. Breast cancer victims have been studied for brain cognitive problems. Presumably this is linked to certain chemotherapy drugs used for treating this disease. This full article explains the findings and the theories behind such findings. If you have experienced such issues or facing chemotherapy for breast cancer you may find the information worthy of your time.
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  6. When a workplace or environmental condition causes you or a loved one to incur the ravages of cancer, restitution can be helpful to pay for expenses of treatment as well as living expenses you are not able to meet due to the cancer.
    Mesothelioma is one such cancer, many families are suffering from this form of cancer due to workplace environments. If you know someone with it, or you or a family member suffers from it or perhaps you have lost someone due to Mesothelioma please know time is running out to file a claim. While such limits seem unfair, you need to know what your choices and options are for restitution.

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