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Stomp the Pink – Right the Wrong

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Stomp the Pink

HATE  PINK – I hate all the money spent advertising and fundraising at the expense of others; enough money is raised to not only find a cure for breast cancer but find cures for every disease on earth! And they have found NOTHING! People running these organizations are rich and happy, yet loved women – mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and aunts are suffering and dying! The Pink Campaign is nothing more than a way for others to make money using our loved ones like propaganda leaflets – throw them out there, get their – aw sorry money – then let the leaflets blow in the wind while the wind blows into the sails of their fancy boats.

Pink is a symbol of a system designed to make profits from men and women with breast cancer. Men and women every day are dying because corporations are putting their profits before their lives.  How can there be a cure or how can we eliminate cancer in our time if such cure and prevention will bring down multi-BILLION dollar industries? Their Pink represents sadness, lies and eventually the pink fades away as women lose their lives.

There will be no cure on the Western Medicine’s Cancer Industry watch. It hurts to see women depending on advancements to save them; it breaks my heart to feel the pain of such loss when women die with a hope of a cure in their mind. It further hurts to see their loved ones out on the street marching, running, walking and biking for the Pink Cause of Lies and Profits or buying everything with a pink ribbon on it. People do this fundraising and supporting of Pink display products because they do not know 95% will never even get to a research center and of that less than a percent will ever be used for any research at all. Pink Campaign fundraising is a huge profit maker for every company that sells something pink; it brings in billions of dollars for each company and then moves onto the American Cancer Society where more is used up in advertising and salaries, if anything is left, will trickle down to some research center, often the very pharmaceutical company that promotes the Pink Cause: Astra Zeneca.  With all this money flowing into these corporations do you really think any one of them will find a cure and stop cancer? The answer is obviously NO. Corporations are loving the idea of promoting products with Pink Ribbons attached to them; is it free advertising. Big Pharma, the American Cancer Society, Susan Komen and all the feeder charities that raise money and sends it off to one of these big Non-Profits, all support the wrong in Breast Cancer Awareness, they tell the lies, them put fear and humiliation into the hearts of people all for profit and nothing for the women [and men] that are diagnosed with breast cancer. Pink is Wrong! Stomp out PINK!

Big Business survives, it does not create something that will kill itself; a cure for breast cancer, any cancer, will never be found, they will not even try. Any small researcher that finds a cure or a huge advancement in its fight will be discounted, labeled as a quackery. Big Business knocks out competition that threatens their profit margin, we know that and the Pink Campaign is no different. Pink Ribbons are a symbol of propaganda for profit, nothing more; if you support PINK you support big business and you are essentially promoting the continuance of breast cancer.  Forget Pink, ban pink ribbons and make corporations feel our plight. Every product, service or corporation that promotes or displays Pink says they support and donate to Breast Cancer Awareness = America Cancer Society or Susan Komen [same philosophy], ban them and tell them why! Make the truth hurt until they stop Pinking !

We talk of awareness, Pink Awareness month, is nothing more than a month to promote their Pink Ribbon propaganda to bring in huge profits. Prevention talk to the Pinksters is nothing more than words that will send women around to get tests and screenings that often result in women needed further tests or treatment they do not need. Scare tactics in the name of prevention and proactive procedures are used to create more women to enter into the cancer industry, becoming just another pawn for the corporations. Mammograms are pushed onto women as a preventive treatment to save lives but the fact is mammograms are known NOT to be a true indicator for breast cancer diagnosis. Many women with small cysts, given mammograms are told they have a mass that ‘could’ be cancer but to be on the safe side to surgically remove it and follow up with chemo or radiation – just to be sure. The fact is these women would never have had to do ANYTHING – most dissolve by themselves, in other words, the body is smart and it handles such things. Furthermore, many of these women going through needless procedures are exposed to the poisons of the chemo and radiation for no reason but will now have cancer caused by the chemo and radiation, many will die. Women are being basically killed for no reason. And we think that is good preventative measures, and it is all for good? For the good of the cancer industry, good for the Pinksters but NOT good for women; they lose out.

True prevention information will be kept away or touted as ‘ridiculous’ thinking in order to continue the profits because chemical companies supplying their wares to make products manufactured with their chemicals, must keep profits flowing. If women eliminated process foods, processed drinks, chemical laden cleaning supplies, chemical laden personal products, to start; billions of dollars in sales would vanish from corporation accounting; women would not be sick or have cancer, no need to enter the cancer industry merry-go-round of more chemicals and toxins by way of chemotherapy and radiation. Billions and billions of dollars would be lost, millions of lives would not be affected by cancer, corporations would lose and the people would win.

Reality is we cannot stop such a giant as the Cancer Industry or the Chemical Corporation that feed off of and into this profit scheme, nor can we stop the richest Non-Profit: The American Cancer Society and all its feeder charities and do well charities too ignorant or too greedy to stop. People will continue to buy into their marketing propaganda and feel humiliated if they don’t ‘give‘ to the cause, thousands of women will go charging in to get mammograms and do their part for prevention, more and more will needlessly get treatment, more will never get diagnosed because the mammogram will miss their cancerous tumor only discovered once metastasized. Survival will continue on its flat line like it has for decades, whether you die of cancer or the chemo treatment, death has occurred and it falls on the fault of greed over love of humanity. So is all lost? Are we fighting a losing battle?

Looking at the big picture, the American Cancer Society is one of the riches non-profit organizations spending nearly 700,000 million a year on salaries, advertising, meetings, employee perks, and miscellaneous amounts – but notice nothing yet on research or to help cancer patients. Their board, created to solicit money from corporations include Gordon Binder, who is the CEO of Amgen, a biotechnology company that sells chemotherapy products. Another board member, David R. Bethune, is president of Lederle Laboratories, a multinational pharmaceutical company and a division of American Cyanamid Company. Do we see a conflict of interest? Why would you try to prevent cancer and hurt the profits of the corporations you solicit or for their own board member companies, rather they spend millions on ‘so-called’ screening rather than prevention – and we all know how their choice of screening is not only a money maker but also creates cancer. They promote pre-menopausal mammograms yet, over the course of ten years, a woman would have had twenty rads exposures to her breasts, which is close to the kind of radiation women got outside the epicenter in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Author Elaine Feuer of Innocent Casualties says “the ACS is more intent on developing cancer treatments than preventing the disease.” According to Dr Samuel Epstein, of the Cancer Prevention Coalition the American Cancer Society gets much of its money from surgeons, drug companies and corporations, that profit from the cancer industry and will never have any interest in preventing cancer. The ACS tries to block any public awareness about carcinogens in products we use. They make every effort to promote what will not just make money directly but indirectly, Tamoxifen has been shown to be one of the most important and potent causes of liver cancer, yet the ACS promotes its use. Susan Komen foundation promotes tamoxifen and gains some of their funds from the corporation that creates tamoxifen. The Komen Foundation owns stock in General Electric, one of the largest makers of mammogram machines in the world, and owns stock in several pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca (now AzkoNobel). Their CEO makes nearly 500,000 a year and millions of dollars goes to everything but what is truly important, preventing breast cancer; to add insult to injury millions of dollars collected from Susan Komen Foundation are spent suing other smaller charities for using the word “cure”. Nice right?

If we are to win the battle or the war on cancer maybe the answer is not to fight using false weapons. Jesicha’s Hope loves life, our motto is – Believe in Life. We have to learn to keep women alive, we have to learn how to prevent cancer. Prevention is important; Chemicals and Toxins are our biggest enemy. No food should be toxic; no food should have genes from a nonfood element – but GMO’s do. When you ‘clean’ it should be to purify, not to leave chemicals behind or absorb them; washing and cleaning must be toxin free. Testing as a precautionary measure should be equally toxic free – and non-invasive; sonograms and thermograms are safe, effective and more abnormalities are found and identified using these treatments than a mammogram could ever do. We advocate true Breast Cancer Awareness –Pinksters advocate Breast Cancer Bewareness, don’t succumb to their tactics, and embrace real Breast Cancer Awareness. With the Pink Industry, there is little hope for the women. Hope is alive, and it is not found in promoting or believing in Pink.

The cancer merry-go-round is one chemo round after another, rounds of radiation and back to rounds of chemotherapy, around and around until the music of life stops. We can STOP the merry-go-round, there are many options to stop breast cancer and much more to prevent it. We advocate beginning at the basics of eliminating the cause, renew the body through strengthening the immune system, help rid the toxins including chemo and/or radiation toxins, kill off cancer cells through several modalities; resulting in your continued dance of life.

Non-invasive treatments and testing/ screening do not harm the body; no treatment/testing/screening should have side effects. Photo-Dynamic Therapy 4th generation, Hyperthermia, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Rigvir, Curcumin, Artemisinin treatment, Philippine Protocol and others are found, usually in remote areas of the globe; all proven to keep women alive. Many of these rely on old healing wisdom others the art of science using non-toxic elements; cancer does not have to be a death sentence; these treatments prove cancer free outcomes are real. Merry-go-rounds are for carnivals, not cancer and Jesicha’s Hope [along with others that support our mission] make cancer merry-go-rounds a ride no one wants to take.

If you would like to learn more about finding hope and learning about prevention of cancer or options www.jesichashope.org or contact us at info@jesichashope.org  visit the Jesicha’s Hope facebook page: www.facebook.com/jesichashope or join a discussion in our facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/alternativecancertreatments

Jesicha’s Hope does not support Pink Bewareness Month. We do support Truth Awareness for the Prevention of Cancer, and we support everyone’s right to true awareness and the right to treatment without harm. Become part of our quest to stop the needless death of women [and men] with breast cancer, help true awareness and hope; ban and show your disdain for those that promote PINK. We cannot do this alone, join us in our efforts to stomp the pink and right the wrong; the more arrows in our quiver the better we will win.







Skeletal Deterioration from Radiation

Bone loss causes more spontaneous fractures in men and women alike that are being treated for cancer. So what is bone loss exactly? It is a disruption in the normal remodeling activity, with an increase in the breakdown of bone without replacement rebuilding. Normally bone is constantly being broke down and rebuilt, we tend to recycle bone mass each week at a rate of 5 to 7 percent. When this does not occur due to osteoporosis, hormone therapy in the treating of breast or prostate cancers, chemotherapy, bone cancer, bone metastases, bisphosphonate drugs and radiation exposure or therapeutic treatment of cancer; bone loss is the resulting consequence.

Cancer patients, most especially breast and prostate cancer patients are given what is known as bisphosphonate drugs. These are FDA approved to strengthen bones due to damage that has or will occur through the use of cancer treatments [chemotherapy and radiation]. Whilst the FDA approves of these drugs for that purpose there is strong evidence they actually create a reaction in the bones to allow spontaneous fractures. Experts believe prolonged use of bisphosphonates suppresses the remodeling and forms an insufficiency fracture of the femur, though they do not know at the point of the study whether all bisphosphonates drugs produced will have a similar effect on patients; yet patients are warned extended use puts them at risk. A Japanese study points out the characteristics of atypical fractures of the femur through the mechanisms of how bisphosphonates weaken bone structure. The mechanism of bisphosphonates reduces bone turnover by altering bone minerals and its matrix, causing an increase in advanced glycation end products of extracellular bone matrix, thus deteriorating the mechanical properties of the bone. Extended use causes an accumulation of the micro-damage to the bone reducing heterogeneity of the bone’s organic matrix and minerals. Simply put, bisphosphonate drugs suppress the natural production of new bone growth by substituting an artificial matrix that creates a brittle bone prone to fractures, many of which are spontaneous.

It is widely known that radiation causes bone damage as does chemotherapy. Using a drug that will further cause bone damage is not the wisest decision yet without patients understand the mechanisms by which bisphosphonates work and how they will create brittle bones, patients have no method of discovery. To save your bones from damage, bisphosphonates are not the answer.

Radiation – one of the most common methods to treat cancer, often combined with chemotherapy drugs. But is radiation safe? Will it affect your bones? The is yes.

Radiation therapy is delivered to a specific area to treat a disease, usually cancer. They try to kill off rapidly dividing cells, it is usually used with surgery and/or chemotherapy and study will often remark it is difficult to separate the effects of chemo from the effects of radiation. However, there is enough evidence shown when chemotherapy is not used that radiation can have detrimental effects on the bones as well other side effects.

X-rays, gamma rays, and other ionizing radiation is offered as an effective cancer treatment. Radiation therapy uses a much higher dose of radiation than does typical imaging tests, they are in therapy treatments aiming to kill cancer cells through high doses directly hitting the targeted cells. DNA mutations can occur to surviving cells, this can lead to secondary cancer. Short- term side effects can include skin changes, nausea, vomiting, low blood counts. Long-term effects vary as well; one major effect is bone weakness. It is also noted infertility is a common side effect for both male and female patients.

Rad, Gray, Rem, Sievert, what do they mean and how do they effect the human body? They are methods of measurement for radiation exposure. Rad and Gray are absorb dose units. Rem and Sievert measure the biological damage to the human body. Depending on the photons per second given Rads or Grays deposit a higher energy deposition in tissue or at a lower rate less deposition. For example: that a rad or Gray of alpha energy absorbed by soft human tissue does 20 times more damage than a rad or Gray of gamma, x-ray or beta energy absorbed. It is not necessary to fully understand the conversion of Rads to Rems or Grays to Sieverts but understanding little will go a long way in understanding the damaging effects to the human body.

The amount of radiation or the dose varies depending on the test or treatment. Imaging exposure gives you about a 0.1 mSV [milli Sievert] for a 2 view chest x-ray while a regular chest x-ray is about 7-8 mSV. A PET /CT scan can be as high as 30mSV. Often the settings are not changed for adults to children, giving children a higher exposure. Example: a stomach scan may expose the adult to 10 mSV yet the same setting would expose a baby to 20mSV.

Typically, a person will be exposed through ambient radioactivity, dental x-rays, airport scanners, and such radiation to about 2- 3 millisieverts. The annual exposure in the US for nuclear plant workers is 0.05 Sieverts, below these levels, the DNA repairing is kept up without damage to the body. Above this level and the body cannot keep up with the damage. 100 millisieverts is where cancer risk begins.

What is occurring in the body when the levels of radiation are far higher than what the government allows nuclear plant workers as a safe level? Bone loss or damage, and a vast list of other side effects:

Nausea and vomiting, epithelial surface damage, mouth, throat and stomach sores, intestinal discomfort, swelling, infertility, fibrosis, hair loss, salivary gland and tear duct dryness, sweat gland loss of function, lymphedema, secondary cancer, heart disease, cognitive decline, damage to the GI tract, pituitary issues, pelvic bone changes and weakening of the bones.

While most of the side effects are recognized and some dealt with, others are pushed off and often not considered or accepted as an effect of radiation treatments. The most damaging for the quality of life and sometimes life itself is the damage to the bone structure. Our skeletal system is our framework, without it, we are unable to fully function, enjoy life or live with any true quality of life.

2 Grays of radiation given to a human is about a normal dose of a single radiation treatment, a full dose delivers typically as much as 70 to 80 Grays. Bone loss was known in patients that had full doses but studies show that even a single dose can trigger severe bone loss, couple that with chemotherapy and the patient receives a double hit to their bones. There is a cumulative effect and this greatly increases the damaging effects. Bone health was adversely affected in bone density, thickness, spacing, and trabecular connectivity.

In a study done by James Ewing, MD [ 1866-1943] American pathologist, using radiation to shrink bone tumors, with surgery and Coley’s toxins, three patients studied were described that their irradiated bones became brittle and were easily fractured. Ewing noted he observed a thickening in the outer layer of the bone at the expense of the marrow cavity, as well as susceptibility to infection.

Peter Dedon [ Radiation Protection Committee at MIT, member] said: “What happens is that the nucleus of radioactive elements undergoes decay and emits high-energy particles. If you stand in the way of those particles, they are going to interact with the cells of your body. You literally get a particle, an energy packet, moving through your cells and tissues.”

Note: no mention of bone loss in above chart

Exposing bone to radiation may result in major complications, necrosis [cell death], fractures, severe changes in bone growth and secondary radiation-induced cancer. The tolerance dose for an adult femur is 38 to 43 Grays. The chart describing dosages of radiation says 20,000 mSV or 20 Grays is a targeted dose for cancer radiotherapy. Yet, typically, 80,000 mSV or 80 Grays is used as a dosage for prostate cancer, 60,000 mSV or 60 Grays for breast cancer, 70,000 mSV or 70 Grays for lung cancer, with rectal cancer at 50,000 mSV or 50 Grays. Remember, 2-3 mSV are considered safe. And over 100 mSV is cause for risk of secondary cancer. It is also cumulative.

The incidence of osteoradionecrosis or bone death by radiation at 70 – 80 Grays is at about 14-22 percent. When the femur, for example, can tolerate about 38- 43 Grays it is obvious why the incidence of bone loss is so greatly found in patients exposed to radiotherapy.

Pelvic bone exposure leads to hip and pelvic bone problems including weak bones and cracks in the bone. Often bone cells are damaged so they are unable to function properly, therefore, they cannot supply the bones proper nutrients, this leads to weak bones or if blood loss occurs from damage avascular necrosis. Tiny cracks can appear in pelvic bones called pelvic insufficiency fractures. Those that are older or also take hormone treatments will be at a greater risk

Bone density is decreased, osteoradionecrosis [bone death from radiation] of the mandible, pelvis, hip, long bones [ as in the legs] and ribs are most common bone damage from radiation. In children, long bones and spine may mature abnormally if the damage is in the growth plate. In the Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA], it was noted in an article that 60- 200 percent increase in hip fracture rates following radiotherapy for pelvic cancer in women, of those breaking a hip the decline of quality of life may lead to death in approximately 20 percent of those cases affected.

According to Ted Bateman, professor, and director of the Clemson’s Osteoporosis Biomechanics Laboratory, “Past studies confirm that patients who are undergoing radiation treatment for cancer experience more fractures and hip fractures are particularly damaging to long-term health.”

So, pain results and quality of life suffers, doctors will suggest pain killers, bisphosphates [that we know will further run the risk of weakening the bones] and walking aids like a cane or walker. Hip replacement, rods and screws put in place by an orthopedic surgeon may be suggested. Is this a solution? Weighing in the benefits to the negative side effects, how does radiation rank?

How do we face cancer patients and tell them radiation is a good choice? What do we tell patients that have bone damage from radiation or chemotherapy? Do we give them methods to help rebuild their skeletal system? I think that is a step in the right direction. Is an alternative to invasive and damaging radiation treatment in order? And there is.

Do you need to discuss alternative options to radiation? Have you had damage and what to try to repair your bones? Ask someone at Jesicha’s Hope to help you. Contact us at www.jesichashope.org or email us at info@jesichashope.org visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jesichashope or join a discussion in our group www.facebook.com/groups/alternativecancertreatments