Got Cancer–Lyme Disease–MS? Varumin fights back for you

Varumin – what is it made from?

Varumin is made of nine different plants that synergistically work together to stop cancer and other autoimmune disease. By combining the best of the best plants with constituents that help bring about a curative result, Varumin can help in curing cancer, MS, Lyme and other diseases that attack the body.

Aloe, Mistletoe, Propolis, Elecampane Root, Cornel Tree, Marigold Flower, Milefolli, Cynodon dactylon, and Hyperici, work together to help cure by boosting the immune system, stopping proliferation, bring about apoptosis, help the liver, help the immune response to antigens and stop DNA changes.

If you have cancer, MS or Lyme Disease – these plants alone have shown effective against these diseases; together they produce an impressive powerful result. Affordable and powerful, Varumin is a prudent treatment to achieve the cure.

Aloe: boosts the immune system, it responds to antigens, shows impressive anti-cancer effects as the body fights off cancer cells. It helps lessen chemo and radiation effects. It is anti- cancer, anti- bacterial and has an antibiotic effect.

Mistletoe: reduces chemo and radiation damage. It exerts immune modulating and anti proliferation effects on the malignant cells, stimulates the PCMCs in healthy cells but not in malignant cells. Increases anticancer cytokines including the TNF factor causing necrosis. It helps build up T helper cells and stops mutation of the DNA.

Propolis: The compound caffeic acid phenethyl [CAPE] has strong anti-cancer properties, studies show it prevents cancer cell replication and programs apoptosis. The whole propolis exhibits strong anti-cancer properties. Helps in preventing epigenetic modifications to the DNA. It has an antibiotic, anti- bacterial, anti- fungal and anti- viral effect; also know for its anti- parasitic effect. Very strong effective results against cancer and bacterial disease as in Lyme and it’s secondary infections.

Elecampane Root: Has anti-inflammatory, anti- tumor properties, it has show to be good for the respiratory system, and intestinal system helping to expel pathogens; having expectorant, antiasthmatic and antibiotic properties it helps in cancer and Lyme disease cases.

Cornel Tree: a constituent of the cornus mas shows in studies the hydro-alcoholic extract has considerable cytotoxic effects on cancer cells.

Marigold Flower: it is a strong antioxidant that helps to avoid and combat cancer as well as other bacterial and viral disease. The constituent Lutein helps decrease tumor cells as well as prevent proliferation of new diseased cells. It is anti-fungal, anti- parasitic, anti- bacterial and anti- viral making it excellent in fighting cancer, Lyme associated infections.

Milefolli [Yarrow] : Anti- inflammatory, anti-oxidant effects are shown. Anti- proliferation activity due to the hydro-alcoholic extract in it, causing tumor reduction and apoptosis death of cancer cells. Hepo-protective effect in it helps in liver congestion of apoptotic cells. It has a strong anti- parasitic benefit that helps in the co- infections of Lyme patients. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help in the patient with cancer as well as Lyme or MS

Cynodon Dactylon: Helps in bleeding and wounds. Hepo-protective effect protects against liver congestion that is produced when cell die off of any disease exists. Immune modulatory properties protects the DNA changes that occurs in diseases such as cancer, Lyme, MS and other autoimmune disorders or diseases. This plant also helps the immune system respond to antigens.

Hyperici [St John’s Wort]: It has cytotoxic, apoptosis effects on cancer cells. It inhibits inflammatory cytokines and has phototoxic effects and can be used a photo dynamic agent for cancer. It induces a necrotic mode of cell death in pigmented skin cells and apoptotic mode in non-pigmented cells. It has anti- depressant, anti-inflammatory properties that help in disease effects. It has the ability to help repair nerve damage often seen in Lyme patients, MS patients and those with cancer or chemo caused nerve damage. It also helps reduce pain.

Together these plants create a powerful treatment for cancer, and other autoimmune diseases such as Lyme and MS. It is worthy of using for these diseases to bring about an effective healing result.

Contact: for more information. for help

You may obtain Varumin through Jesicha’s Hope – we assist you in your order and monitor your progress completely. You are never alone in your fight against your disease.


5 thoughts on “Got Cancer–Lyme Disease–MS? Varumin fights back for you

  1. It seems my mum is at the eve stages of her MBC journey. She’s weak and the cancer has become very aggressive – is it too late for Varumin to be effective?

    • Katt9 – there is still hope. Often in aggressive and late stage the Varumin dosage at the beginning can be increased this gives the body the extra push it needs to make a change; once the improvement is seen the dosage can be then be the standard dosage. Without knowing more of her case it is difficult to tell what options would be appropriate. Please contact me at Time is of the essence here and you can do something still. She is your Mom and deserves the best everyone can do for her.I have seen within a week appetites increase, pain decrease, etc; but waiting is not an option.

  2. Us there any indication that this immune system mixture may have a positive effect on CLL? I was diognosed about 2 1/2 yoers ago with non symptomatic CLL which has changed very little with no treatment.

    • yes the Varumin is good for any cancer as it is not cancer specific; the way it works is helping the body to utilize its own resources to kill off pathogens. Only the immune system can ultimately cure you. The Varumin aids the immune system and weakens the pathogens through its combined constituents to cause apoptosis as well it stops cells from proliferating; this with immune boosting benefits gives the body the ability to overcome cancer.

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