Hope on the Horizon

Is Hope alive? Those who seek hope for cancer, a cure, a treatment to manage it; where is that hope?  There are walks and there runs, money flows into the American Cancer Society like a swollen river in spring but with all that money no great discovery is made.  New drugs, looking a lot like the old ones all come our way, a new trial raising new hope but soon that drug is lined up with all the others and still cancer moves on.  Where did that hope go?

Scientists don’t believe in hope, that is an elusive word, giving no evidence hope exists; without data no one can say there is hope.  But they can create anything out of chemicals, if you can see potential in something real, natural scientists will synthesize it; with a patent that synthesized  chemotherapy creation can make over a billion for some corporation. Forget about hope, you don’t need it so long as profits are coming in and you are the paying guinea pig. Did you say you were looking for hope? Science hasn’t proved it and if it was proven, if we can’t synthesize it and patent it; hope will not be on any horizon any time soon.

If hope remains within us, unproven by scientists they will do all they can to disprove it. Any naturally based treatment, called alternative treatment [known as integrative, natural cancer treatments or therapies], so as not to be ever confused with mainstream or conventional approved chemotherapy, is not patentable, cannot be profitable therefore lacking that criteria is automatically deemed unable to be approved by the FDA. If air could be synthesized, patented and approved as a drug to breathe; you would be forced to breathe Lilly’s Air – and NOT air.  Whether air was better than Lilly’s Air, or save your life or keep you alive; air would be proven unsafe and not approved for use.  Sounds ludicrous but so too does not allowing naturally based cancer treatments when they are shown to work and proven to work when chemotherapy drugs cannot.

What do you say when chemotherapy drugs do not work? The cancer spreads and the metastases are throughout the body; chemotherapy does not slow it, the cancer is unaffected; what does the patient hear?  “We have done all we could. Go home and get your things in order. You have six weeks at best.”  The doctor feels bad, sorry and wishes he could have done more.  You are conditioned to believe him; that caring compassionate personality you have come to believe in and trust. But, what about all the other options out there, why does he hold back and NOT tell you to look, seek something that is not in his satchel but in some other satchel?  As a man of science he won’t, hope does not exist. A cure is to be believed as something we are still running and walking for, to give our money over to a huge corporation that will keep a cure away and give us false hope, to keep the profits and the patients coming.

Is hope alive?  If you look beyond the conventional horizon, hope is there.  When you cannot find an answer within medical science you have to turn on your survival button and breakthrough the barrier set up, keeping you inside the neat allopathic medicine box. Break away and discover naturally based cancer treatments, some old some newly discovered.  A bright new star on that horizon is the BX Antitoxin.  It is giving cancer a good chase; running it right out of town. From newly diagnosed to those in late stages, in all types of cancers; the BX Antitoxin targets a prime controller and cause for a cell to be cancerous, knocking it out, cell by cell. Like dominoes that cancer cells die off. Naturally based, giving no side effects to harm the body; BX Antitoxin hits the cancer but no the body; a treatment designed by a scientist using natures strongest elements to achieve a cancer free outcome.

Is hope alive? I believe as long as we believe in hope we can find it. We rely on air to keep us alive; it is natural and does the job; we are natural creatures, needing naturally based elements to keep us alive and keep us healthy.  Science is good, an artful skill; but it must not forget from where it came. Scientists in cancer research could use some hope, and if used to its fullest potential will find cures; but they have to accept hope exists.

Sources: http://www.preventcancer.com/losing/acs/wealthiest_links.htm



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