Breakthroughs: what is more prudent for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Triple negative breast cancer; one of hardest to overcome.  Until recently, most patients fighting TN breast cancer were given the chemotherapy drugs used for all breast cancer; where it would soon become resistant to the drugs, giving it the opportunity to spread.

Most TNBC patients found, if lucky enough to get a response, would see a recurrence appear. The recurrent cancer sites would be far more resistant and little stopped the spread.

A new study shows there may be a more effective way to treat TNBC giving patients a better chance of survival.  Targeting the fast growing cancer cells first; after a positive response to chemo a small population of slower growing cells [ cancer stem-like cells ] survive then regenerate or replicate, causing recurrent metastatic tumors. The study shows drugs that block  TGF-b signaling pathway in  the recurrent cancer cells will enhance the  effect of chemotherapy; thereby may prevent recurrent TNBC due to its treatment resistance.

Perhaps, even as we see this discovery as being a breakthrough, one may want to look closely at some new breakthroughs in the alternative cancer treatments.  The BX Antitoxin does not distinguish one cancer cell from another; it sees only it’s target, the bacterium found in All cancer cells.  Whether a cancer cell is HER2 positive or Triple negative; the BX Antitoxin will be equally effective on fighting it.  The ‘do no harm’ first approach may be in the case of difficult to treat cancers be the most prudent way to go.  We say, ‘do no harm’ as the BX Antitoxin has no side effects like chemotherapy and radiation.  Resistant type cancers like the TNBC, make patients subject themselves to more types of chemo drugs trying to fight the metastases; giving them more opportunity to develop serious side effects that could ultimately diminish their quality of life.  Would using a ‘do not harm’ make absolute sense?

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One thought on “Breakthroughs: what is more prudent for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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