You Have Not Even Heard of Salvestrols Yet?

Salvestrols are worthy of you taking a look. Some peers offer up evidence of cancer reversal, others finding results with other treatments. A good cancer preventative? Based on the findings I would tend to agree, Salvestrols is appropriate for your preventative arsenal.

Mother's Natural Health Magazine

No one could imagine the joy I felt when I read the first Orthomolecular Journal article on this new compound that is found in plants.

But, only in the plants that are NOT being grown by our current agricultural technology.  I am not sure about any other country, but for sure here in the United States we are growing our food wrong.

Can you imagine that we have done something like this?

When plant life is growing it has a food chain it lives in, just like humans who also live in one.  However, with plants, like the plant food we eat, when a pathogen attacks them, they make something with which to fight their attacker.  Isn’t that amazing in itself?

We certainly do not have that feature.  Well, we do in a way but it is kind of different.  

In plants, something we call Salvestrols are part of a…

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