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The point of this video, though it appears as news; simply shows if the doctor had used traditional medicine, unlike the approach he used, would have given the man a better chance.  Giving this man, along with others the Nobel prize for his work, seemed unjust, in the world of traditional medicine. If their vaccine could have helped, or will help others; the medical industry would need benefit monetarily.

The right approach, is facing cancer as a huge enemy, an invader that we do not completely understand; it has methods of attacking us, strange, against logic but in doing so it has an edge at winning; secondly, after facing what our enemy is, we must then face the war against it, strong, hard and with all weapons available to us. This is simply not what is happening; around the world many countries are recognizing this needed approach, having done so for some time now; however, the U. S. will not budge from the stand point the FDA and the huge Pharmaceutical companies have agreed on. The U. S. cancer victims are being short changed. If you choose to get care in the U. S. for your cancer, the truths about what is available will not be given openly, rather you will be told NOT to do anything beyond what is given here. It is a travesty for Americans, conditioned to believe their well-being is priority, fooled into believing the FDA is protecting them from fraudulent treatments; this is not true. A wide range of cancer treatments are available, many without side effects, but we are conditioned to believe side effects are necessary to kill the cancer, that you MUST use something as strong as chemo to kill the cancer; yet this is not true. While chemo is necessary in some cases, it should be considered carefully, perhaps after using the non-invasive approach, perhaps in conjunction with non-invasive.

I do need point out, when we talk of non-invasive treatments, and non-traditional or conventional treatments; such approaches are not popping a few herbs, but are extensively researched approaches, including hyperthermia, cancer vaccines, Poly-MVA, SPDT, and others, all with statistical evidence of controlling and bringing cancer into remission.  When a doctor tells you non-invasive treatments are quackery, wonder then why most doctors when given the same diagnosis will seek out treatment outside the U. S.


“OCT 3 – Three doctors share 2011 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their research into vaccines that attack tumors just days after one of the winners, 68-year-old doctor Ralph Steinman died of cancer. Jessica Gray reports.”

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